Sep 4, 2019

Anxiety is a very common  term  non medical than medical. In children at a younger age,  there is a anxiety  for  studies, examination etc. In adults there can be anxiety for performance, earnings, bonus expenditures, and in age  old anxiety is a part of their life  because of the uncertainty of the future but in some people anxiety  is there in normal situation.  We call it as  Anxiety  neurosis. Many at times good satvik food  , regular  yoga, helps them. Practise yoga  for 45 minutes  a  day , practise it regularly .  Meditation helps ns d when it comes to Ayurveda, apart  from yoga, walking, exercise, meditation,  we  do advise  certain treatments  for the  same.  Many at times we  advise  to take  shirodhara reputedly.  Shirodhara,  abhyanga  followed  by swedhana, ata  stretch  of 3 days  5  days, followed by once n 10 days, once in a  week,  for acertain duration of time helps a lot in some of the case   we do  pitta  management in patients by giving  good virechana.    In some people with all these things if the  case is very sever and if they are very anxious then  we do resort to certian herbs  like barhmi, ashwagnadha, shatavari, shankhpushpi, jyotishmati, jatamansi which as a great effect.  Most of the people require it for a short time till their lifestyle takes over, the permanent solution  is their lifestyle, it may be meditation, yoga,  exercise workout, sweatouts, this will take care of  all these things, in very rare cases, we  do have some counselling sessions also.  We  try  to analyse what might be teh factors behind they being a  patient of anxiety  but once  we come  to know about the cause for  anxiety, it might be  a  very small incident in the recent past or childhood also the moment you  address this issue, we see many people respond very  fast. This happens very god in children. The bottom line is good lifestyle with yoga, mediation, exercise, good satvik food and when required medicines, pancharma  treatment and counselling. It might be an array of opportunity  to resolve Anxiety neurosis.