Andrea Suarez, Dermatologist, discusses some compelling evidence showing that probiotics can be beneficial for skin disorders including eczema and acne. However, she says that there is not enough research done on this to come up with final conclusions.


February 2022

Are probiotics worth it for your skin? Dermatologist @Dr Dray on the skin benefits of taking a probiotic. I discuss probiotics for acne and the best probiotics for acne.  Probiotics for eczema and the best probiotics for eczema.  #probiotics #guthealth #skincare

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0:00 Are probiotics worth it for your skin?
0:23 What are probiotics?
0:57 Skin benefits of taking probiotics
7:21 Are probiotics safe?
9:47 The problems with studies on probiotics
10:17 How to choose a probiotic supplement

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